Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Tell Me Where To Go

Lord Snooty and I are trying to book a holiday. We have two weeks off in September and as yet we haven't arranged anything. The problem is that himself travels a lot and I don't. He's been there, done that and has several hundred tee-shirts to prove it. Me, I have a wardrobe of foxy summer clothes, as yet unworn, and a burning urge to pose in them. I need a little warm sun on my skin, a poolside glass of something potent and fruity with several floating umbrellas and a decent amount of fizz in my hand. I need sun, sea and, erm, anything else that's going, if you get my drift. I just don't know where to go to get it.

Husband is happy to take a holiday wherever I would like to go, within the bounds of possibility, but the trouble is I just can't decide. That seems like a very spoilt thing to admit to, but I don't mean it in the way it sounds. I just can't choose. I am having one of my famous dithers.

I quite fancy Italy, but which bit? Positano sounds extremely cool but hideously expensive and now that I equate everything in terms of kitchen equipment (just a mini-break in that area costs twice as much as a new dishwasher, freezer and cooker-hood combined) it is definitely making me think twice about spending that sort of cash for a few days away. It feels almost immoral. The Italian lakes look fab, and more realistically priced, but which one to choose? I also like the look of those Trullo thingies (you know, those little pointy round stone huts), but is that going a bit too far on the "authentic Italy" scale? Presumably they have electricity, or where would I plug in my hair straighteners? These are all very important questions, the answers to which I simply do not know. I need some unbiased help.

So this is where you guys come in, please pay attention:

We don't like:

Anything to do with caravans, camping or mosquitoes, long haul flights, injections for hideous diseases (OK, that's just me, husband's already jabbed up) or in fact the actual hideous diseases themselves. We are happy to give destinations known to induce diarrhoea and vomiting a miss too.

Also not keen on:

Inner city litter. Scary dudes who grab your bag and make off with your passport, money and (worse still) my makeup. The bastards.

Can do without:

Screaming kids who cannon-ball into the pool and splash you and bat you with their sodding beachballs.

Really dislike:

"Real English Pubs" when they are not, in fact, in England.

We really, really like:

Sun, great scenery, good food and wine, nice restaurants and bars, a touch of arty-farty culture, a little bit of light shopping and comfortable but not too over the top accomodation, although I've never been one to turn down an upgrade or a little bit of unashamed luxury if it's on offer.

We could go back again to where we always go, which ticks all the above boxes, but it seems a shame to do the same thing time and time again when there are so many other places to go and things to see, but perhaps it's the safest bet.

Unless, of course, you've got any other suggestions?


aims said...

Didn't Travelling But Not In Love just go to Vanuatu? Granted it did seem like a long haul - but that probably depends on where you start from and I'm not sure where you are.

He did seem to love it - and the little place he stopped into right before it. Perhaps a query in his direction?

Miriam said...

ALghero, Sardinia is lovely. Good food, fab views and people very, very laid back.
You are making me SO jealous! mimi

Pam said...

Santorini. Not been myself but really want to

softinthehead said...

SM - A few years back my husband worked near Milan and very close to Lake Maggiore so we went to visit him and stayed very close to this lake. The scenery was absolutely spectacular with the Alps as a backdrop. Highly recommended - then we drove from there to Lake Garda and again were not disappointed. We did not find it hectic, expensive, scary - but truly wonderful. I hope you find somewhere to go - I did have a link to a fabulous B & B - I will see if I can find it. Good luck - have a great holiday.

Working mum said...

Outskirts of Verona. Beautiful scenery, good food, opera in the arena. Fab! (We spent our 10th Anniversary there and came back pregnant, not suggesting you do the same though!)

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Have not been myself but I have it on good authority that Lake Garda is very beautiful. Several friends have been and highly recommend it. Venice could be a place to visit from there. Also Sorrento on Bay of Naples and from there you could visit Pompei. Will look forward to a postcard from wherever you decide on.

A x

Lola said...

Don't come to Rotherham. I know this is no help and not even close to answering your question, but I'm still feeling rather sorry for myself.

Have a great holiday, wherever you end up!

Yvonne Young said...

Will back up the Lake Garda suggestion, Malcesine is a old medieval place, very laid back, beautiful buildings. Lots of little boats to take you anywhere on the lake.

Agistri, need to take a flight to Athens and a boat (30mins on this). Very relaxed, only a couple of cars and one mini bus, pine trees, peacocks and outdoor cinema. Lovely food and friendly Greek people.

In this country, you can`t beat Devon. Enjoy

Swearing Mother said...

Aims, will definitely be asking our boy Travelling for his recommendations, though I daresay we might not have the energy for some of them.

Mimi: thanks for that, will look into it. Have fancied Sardinia for a while.

Pam, hello. Santorini sounds SO romantic. Sigh.

SITH, the Italian Lakes have been in our top five places, would be grateful for the info if you can find that B and B site. Thanks.

Working Mum, hi. Came back pregnant? Only a miracle could do the same for me, thankfully.

Strawberry Jam Jane, lots of people have recommended that area, it sounds absolutely great.

Hello Lola, I will indeed not come to Rotherham. Thanks for the tip.

Hello Yvonne, both of your suggestions sound very interesting. I went to Thassos once (a short ferry trip from the mainland) and it was fab, very hippy back in the 70's.

Swearing Mother said...

Yvonne, also meant to say that the temptation to spend a fortnight in Devon is so great, despite the fact that we've not long spend a few days in Dartmouth. I just love the place.

walrus said...

Mundesley is, of course, lovely at any time of year. Can`t guarantee the type of weather you might enjoy but Norfolk people just love visitors.

Maggie May said...

Tuscany. We had a great time seeing all the sights.

Winchester whisperer said...

Hi SM - Taormina in Sicily fits your criteria.

Tina said...

Come to Sorrento! I'll be there myself for a week in September (with himself, I really should blog about that!) - we could have an international blogger meet up!

Norman said...

Cyprus. But then I would say that wouldn't I? Larnaca, Limassol or Paphos is OK. For the type of holiday I think you want, Paphos, especillay Kato-Paphos is your best bet.
Avoid Aya Napa like the plague. It is to Cyprus what Ibiza is to Spain. Too many lager swilling Brits giving us all a bad name.
It is a four to five hour flight BTW. Too long?

Whatever, have nice a holiday anyway, wherever you go.

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Walrus, welcome to blogland! Any friend of Knifepainter's is a friend of mine :o)

Hello Maggie May, Tuscany sure looks good, have just been on a quick internet visit!

Thanks WW, I've seen Sicily in the brochures but had no idea what it's like.

Oooh, tempting Tina. Sounds like a plan!

Thanks Norman, it's good to have a recommendation from someone who really knows.

Anonymous said...

Perigueux in France - wonderful, the Auvergne PĂ©rigord, Dordogne, France. ... in the south west of France, in the region of Aquitaine.

CrazyCath said...

I don't know about Italy at all. But the Greek islands are a really safe bet. I love Greece. It ticks all your boxes as far as I can see and there are quiet resorts. Crete is fabulous. Hot too. Even in October. Corfu is our favourite return.

Returning to an old favourite is nothing to be ashamed of! It's like visiting old friends...
If I get the money together for a holiday, I am going to the tried and tested where I KNOW I will get what I want at a price I am prepared to pay. And see old friends to boot.

laurie said...

paris! paris! paris!

Millennium Housewife said...

Stay at home. Rent sunbed. Turn up heating. Wear summer clothes. Get chinese/italian/indian take out to cover different continents. Buy kitchen appliance with money saved. MH

The Grocer said...

Try Croatia, same sun as Italy half the price.

elizabethm said...

I was another one about to say Croatia, the islands of Korcula or Hvar. If they were in Italy they would be overrun by awestruck Americans of the nicest kind. Sun, beauty, good wine, fabulous buildings, blindingly turquoise sea, a gentle warm wind full of the scent of thyme. Food is simple and delicious. I can see it might get a bit repetitive after a couple of months but you won't be staying that long. Probably quite good on the cholestrol front too. Go on.

Iota said...

I saw a travel programme recently which said the tiny bit of coast that belongs to Slovenia is gorgeous, and will soon be discovered and ruined, so go now while it is still lovely. It did look lovely.

DogLover said...

So - whose advice did she follow?

Stinking Billy said...

You were bound to get a few responses to that plea. I would say "come up to the Northumbrian coast" but you had sunshine pretty high on your list. Pity.

Pam said...

I know you've already got a trillion awards but I gave you another on my blog. It serves you right for having a great blog.

travelling, but not in love said...

How did I miss this? My favourite subject.

My recommendation for you is - 4 days in Marrakech followed by 10 days in Essaouira on the coast. I have some beautiful riads that I can recommend for you to stay in! All very chic and lovely. And out of the eurozone, so cheap too!

Failing that, how about a few days in Istanbul followed by a week or so in the princes islands - lovely for peace, calm and fantastic turkish food.

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Valleys Mam, love France especially the south, it would be so easy to go back there again and again.

Cath, I love Greece too, such lovely friendly people.

Ooh-la-la Laurie, sounds like you too are a fan of Paris. Such a great, great City.

You have a point Millenium Housewife, really we do need to sort out the house, but it's just so tempting to be off.....

hi Grocer, the travel agent mentioned Croatia but I just didn't quite realise how lovely it is.....maybe next time.

Hello Elizabeth M, you and The Grocer both recommend the same place, so it must be good. Am going to look into it again.

Hiya Iota, Slovenia eh? Don't know much about that area, sounds really worth checking up on.

Hello Doglover, haven't got anything booked as yet, so the jury is still out.

Hi SB, really fancy going up to theNorthumbrian coast area one day, especially as it's in Wife In The North territory. She has really made me want to visit.

Thankyou Pam! That's lovely. Will be over pronto.

Oh Travelling, was wondering how long it would take you to come up with something hot, exotic and fun. That all sounds absolutely fabulous darling, but probably a tad too adventurous for the likes of timid old me. Maybe.

Marmite Breath said...

We actually stayed in a Trulli House when we lived in Italy. I would say it depends on how much you value comfort because they're not really made for it. :)

They're great, and close to an amusement park, but then again, I'm sure you can drive to Alton Towers from where you are!

Positano is one of my favourite places in the world. I'd go back in a heartbeat. Love it!

Naples is not really touristy, but there is so much culture and history there, as well as close to Pompeii and Rome. But it is v dirty and full of danger. But then again, I find it incredibly romantic to avoid pickpockets and the like. I'm a freak.

Come to America. The exchange rate is perfect for it, right? I live near Virginia Beach, and all you have to worry about this week are a few hurricanes. :)

Swearing Mother said...

Heloo Marmite Breath! What a great name, don't you just love it? Great idea re USA, I want to visit for my BIG birthday next year.

Thanks for visiting by the way, lovely to read you.