Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Black Dog Blues

Some days it's hard to be a woman. Or a man. Or a goddam dog, come to think of it. I'm having a blue period at the moment, frankly an extended jag of feeling down in the dumps, a black mood tinged with a bit of grey laced with a few great gobbets of purple. I am fed up. Don't know why, that's just the way life is.

Counting my blessings works, but only up to a point.

I need something fantastic to bring back the spring in my step. Something to restore the old sense of humour, to bring back my faith in humanity, to give me a bit of a warm glow. Preferably not related to alcohol and chocolate, if at all possible.

So what've you got for me?


laurie said...

it's not sexy, but exercise always helps me. even just a brisk walk. the more you move, the better you feel.

try it. and best of luck.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Oh - poor you. Been there myself many a time, and my grown up daughter sometimes lately. Most of us do at some stage but that's no comfort to you right now is it - comes close to counting blessings!

How about a feel-good film, even a weepy, though probably preferably not. Mamma Mia is fabulous and one I've seen recently is Enchanted - made me laugh out loud. I've heard that the new Bond movie is worth a look, maybe not classed as feel-good, but Daniel Craig is pleasing to the eye.

Or time-out with girlfriends, or just time-out.

Do hope you feel better soon.

A x

Maggie May said...

I'm really sorry to hear that. You have my complete empathy, sympathy and anything else you want to borrow of mine, as I have been there so often.

I agree that walking is a really good therapy.
Talking things through.
Doing something new.
Blogging is quite a good therapy! Don't have to be funny all the time. Blogging friends have helped to pull me round, after I've bared my soul!

Anyway hope you will soon feel the way you want to be. X.

Frankofile said...

I've no wisdom here (I'd bumble on about 'life's rich tapestry' - and how the more creative people seem to suffer more too) but send warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

Working mum said...

That's my suggestions out of the window, then.

I think it's that Seasonal Affected Disorder thingy, you know, where you go to work in the dark, come home in the dark and wonder why you've bothered opening your curtains!

Try looking at photos of happy times - does it for me!

The Grocer said...

I have Norman Wisdom, for me you just keep putting one foot in front of another and eventually you find things are better (or sometimes worse). Anyway nice to see you back.

travelling, but not in love said...

Hmm. Want something to look forward to? I'm in brum mid-december. fancy meeting for a cuppa?

Dick Madeley said...

Pointless saying 'cheer up'. I know. I've been there a lot recently. But look on the bright side. I slipped on damp leaves in the dark yesterday and fell in a ditch. And as I lay there, looking up at the sky, with strangers laughing at me in the darkness, I realised that these things are put here to test us and the fall is harder than getting up again.

Of course, I then tried to get up and found that I'd landed in a spot popular with local poodles and that getting up wasn't very easy at all. But I hope you get my point...

If I had a point.

Pam said...

It happens to us all at some time and I wish I had a cure but I don't.
Do things you like, take stock of the good things in life, plan something to look forward to. Remember that time will make you feel better.
I'm sending big hugs your way. XXX

Mopsa said...

Curl up with a really fat bonkbuster novel - probably one you already know and love. Entirely otherworldly in a light touch way. Oh, and a hot water bottle and duvet for good measure. Cures most of my blue ills.

Norman said...

Bin there dun that... Sounds like a depression. Best just be kind to yourself. Buy yourself a little treat or something.
Example,You've been rounf the Pallisades shopping. You're harrased and need to get on that train.
Have an outrageous coffee and cake. Sit down,say "Sod the lot of them!" enjoy the coffee. Miss the train and get the next one. Go home deliberately slowly.
Then tomorrow find something else where yo can step off the world for a little while.
Dunno if it'll work but it might be fun trying.
Take Care SM. Be nice to yourself.

CrazyCath said...

Shopping. When some one else is paying.
Works every time.

Ho for it girl. A day in town with the girls (or a girl, or mum or daughter if you got that friendship basis in the relationship) and a wad of notes you have either saved or some one has given you. Shop till you drop.
Save some for lunch and coffee. Home. Big bubble bath and a movie you bought on dvd.

Oh - hubby has to take all responsibility in the house for just one day. Then watch the movie with you, or at least shut up while you watch it.

Have fun!!

Winifred said...

Some mornings I just don't want to get out of bed, so I don't until I have to pick up my grand daughter from nursery. Her little smile lights up my day.

Exercise is good if you can be arsed! When you're down sometimes you just can't. Swimming helps me if I can force myself to go.

I put on pop music and dance about the house like a looney. Just like Hugh Grant in Love Actually. Abba and Elton John fast ones are great for this, oh and Status Quo too. The window cleaners will get a laugh if they ever catch me.

I also like to get out my copies of David Niven's books, The Moon's a Balloon and Bring on the Empty Horses, I cry laughing at them. He had a fantastic life.

I just accept November is a crap month for me, once I get it out of the way I usually feel a bit better.

Miriam said...

Sorry to hear that you're feeling down. If it's any consolation, so do I.can't get in the spirit of Christmas at all, and walking normally does it for me too, but today, just couldn't be arsed. Will do tomorrow, will you too? I've yet to go on a walk that I regretted. LOve and hugs, mimi

Amy said...

I think you need a tragic romance and a vibrator.

Or try this funny post from Ambulance Driver:


Norman said...

I think the hassle of impending Christmas doesn't help. Perhaps the UK government should ban Christmas. After all, they love banning things.
Then we can all get pissed at New Year.

Mean Mom said...

I've written a corny post, just for you, but blogger won't let me insert pictures, at the moment and I need them. Frustrating, isn't it? You'll be feeling better by the time it's all sorted out! (Hopefully, anyway) You've had lots of sound advice. Aren't people kind?

Swearing Mother said...

Laurie, am planning to take your advice tomorrow. Cleaned the house today, vigorously, and feeling better already now we can see through the windows.

Strawberry Jam Anne, hi! I have put Mamma Mia on my Christmas list, but feel this might be the time to bring it out a bit early!

Hi Maggie, you're right, blogging is good therapy and so are the lovely bloggers who bother to visit and take time to comment. Thanks so much.

Frankofile, reading your blog was a tonic. I absolutely love France.

Hello Working Mum, think you're right about the SAD thing, it is SO miserable out there.

Hi Grocer, thanks for visiting, have missed you.

Travelling, Hell yes! But you may live to regret that offer.

Hello there Dick, sorry to hear about your almost-dead-in-a-ditch experience. Just when you think life can't get any more poo, you have to land in a little bit more. Typical. Looking on the bright side, at least you aren't Jonathan Ross.

Pam, thanks for the hugs, I really needed some.

Mopsa, have been looking for a good bonkbuster for ages, finally started reading Lady Chatterley's Lover, all of it not just the rude bits this time......

Norman, you read me right matey. I need to get away from the daily grind, only another NHS hospital wage slave, even an ex-one, can understand the need to get the heck out of there every now and then.

Cath, you're quite right. Am planning a girls' day out next week, if I can escape from work.

Hello Winifred, nice to meet you. I agree, sometimes you just have to wallow and accept the fact that sometimes, life is shit.

Hiya Mimi, hoping to go for a walk in the park or at least around the posh estate tomorrow, weather permitting. Rosey cheeks and all that.

Hi Mean Mom, great post, corny and lovely.

Nearly forgot to say, thanks everyone. You are all lovely.

Mean Mom said...

Thanks for your comment at my place. I'm glad that you liked the Christmassy post, but that wasn't the real one, dedicated to you. I've finally managed to post the real one, when you have a few seconds.

Are you cheered up, yet?

Anna Colette said...

I've been blue too recently. I'm putting it down to the change of season.

5-HTP is a supplement that is currently working wonders for me - it has been described by top nutritionist, Patrick Holford, as 'Hawaii in a Bottle'.

Lakeland Jo said...

what works for me- lots of sleep and little treats to self
Hope you perk up soon

Swearing Mother said...

Mean Mom, thanks so much. Have just been over to yours and appreciate the dedication very much!

Anna, thanks for the tip. Will investigate that stuff at the local Health Food shop today.

Hello Lakeland Jo, think you're right, am feeling much better for a few good sleeps, though could do with more. Lovely to read you.

Anonymous said...

Shoes and Handbags what else :?)

Expat mum said...

Oh you're back. Good.
I have to agree that getting outdoors (not necesarily exercising, but it helps) really does wonders. you might not even feel like it, but force yourself! Many of us have been there. Also - this too, will pass!

what happened ?how did i get HERE? said...

getting out and about, walking slightly too fast so you get a bit out of breath and cream and tinned peaches!! and...jumping into bed beside my son and sniffing his hair - he is 9 and just about tolerates this ! completely life afirming....!

Anonymous said...

Come on what have you got for us :?)

CrazyCath said...

Did you get your girly day out? Or a night?

Hope you're ok.
Check out my other blog when you get time - Cath's Cradle.