Friday, 31 August 2007

Mommy Dearest

I think there’s something funny going on with me at the moment and I don’t quite know what it is. Whereas at one time I was content to be the eternal provider of all things domestic,(see previous post), these days yet another strangely different mind-set has begun to take over which I think would be best described as the “Me, me, me” syndrome. Perhaps it’s hormones. Although at my age I was convinced that they’d packed their bags and gone on a permanent holiday, I still get the occasional postcard from the edge to mix things up a little. If you are a women of, ahem, a certain age (how I HATE that phrase) you may know the sort of thing - one minute you have absolutely no confidence at all, don’t want to go out because you look such a mess (too fat/crap hair/nothing to wear/in a mood/would rather watch Eastenders, etc), then within the blink of a slightly wrinkly eye-lid you're suddenly hot to trot, a bit of a babe really despite the fact that your bus pass is looming ever nearer. Norah Batty versus Helen Mirren kind of stuff. (I'm not sure if blokes have similar age-related crises. Maybe they also suffer but just don't go on about it like women do. Too busy cleaning the Harley or something, I dunno). Confusing? I think so. Times they are definitely a-changing, and no more so than my attitude to life, the universe and everything. It’s quite exciting to discover the "sod the consequences, let's have fun" characteristic that I thought only the young and/or foolhardy possessed. Quite refreshing actually, and a bit of a surprise.

So what is all this leading to? The thing is, I've seen a bright red sports car and I quite fancy it, but there are several questions worrying me: Can I really justify it? Am I too old for it? Should I save the money and spend it on the family? And, most importantly, will I look good in it (told you I was shallow). I know you can't help me with the last question, but maybe you have a view on the other three.

I know I don’t have to justify being a bit self-indulgent after a life-time of working and taking care of a family, and I sure as hell don’t intend to be one of those grannies who live on fish-paste sandwiches, with no heating on, so that they can leave every penny to their kids who immediately go off and blow the lot on a state of the art B&O sound system. If anybody's having one of those, I want it to be me. But try as I might to rationalize this newfound selfishness, the old guilt trip still has a ticket with my name on it. Why do I still think that SELF is such a difficult four letter word (especially when I have so little trouble with all the others)? Maybe as time passes I’ll get used to it, but my conditioning has been life-long and a difficult habit to break, although as you can see I'm giving it a bloody good go.

Anyway darlings, it's been lovely chatting to you but must dash - off to SELFridges for lunch and a bit of light shopping. Via the hairdressers, obviously. Will worry about the self-indulgence aspect later.

And let me know what you think about the car?


laurie said...

you are hilarious! i laughed through this whole post. funny, self-deprecating, and very very wise.

indulgences are harder for women, i agree. maybe that's why we shower ourselves with small ones--new shoes, or a new lipstick. cars and trips to paris seem so...extreme.

if you really want the car, and can afford it, then why not?

Pondside said...

Nice to meet you on my blog - thank you for the comment - sounds like you and I are in a similar place. The red sports car???? Well I must be a little older than you because I got my little red Miata in May. I don't feel old - I feel FREE - lovely to do all the boring old things in that zippy little car.
re being a fish-paste sandwich-eating grannie:I've always believed that the best gift we'll give our children and grandchildren is our own satisfaction with life - our own happiness. My parents are in thier 80's and won't be leaving a sou - but a joy they are to be hear that they are busy and happy!

Amy said...

Take the car for a test drive. Maybe that will satisfy you. If it doesn't, buy it and love it. Besides, when you later get the itch for, say, your own little airplane, you could always sell the car to another woman of a certain age.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Oh, you do make me laugh. I don't know why it's so hard for us to justify anything fun, but I think it's a pity we don't. Maybe all those years of putting everyone elses needs first? It's a hard habit to break.

Fish paste. Ick. Red sports car. Yum.

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Laurie, on your advice I am going to have another look at the car ..... but maybe we need a new sofa more??

Pondside, how lovely of you to visit, thanks. Don't know what a Miata looks like, but it's RED which is all that matters!

Amy, think you are right. Making the phone call to book a test drive right now.

RC: Will let you know if I go for ick or yum, ASAP!

Best wishes everyone.

Anonymous said...

A thoroughly enjoyable blog. And that goes for the previous one too. As for ironing, I never do any. At all. Guess I'm a bit lazy, have better things to do, can't be bothered. And I don't watch Eastenders so mushy movies would have to suffice and I really couldn't stand the excitement.

You should get the car. Get it out of your system. Enjoy it and then one day you can look back on it and remember it as your wild days. Maybe in the wrong order but who cares? We only live once!

Crystal xx

Mopsa said...

Carpe Diem.

Swearing Mother said...

Crystal and Mopsa: Going to view the car tomorrow. Will get back and report. Tee hee! It so feels like mischief. Great.

belle said...

Red sports car? Go girl!

Swearing Mother said...

Only a little one Belle, Mazda MX5 or something like that. Probably won't be able to get into it of course, the old sciatica has been giving me gyp lately......

Thanks for visiting.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Oh S/M you have put me in a quandary. Whilst I am all for living life to the full, I would urge caution before going for the sporty little number..... The best way I can explain it would be, you know women who keep their hair long past that "certain age" (!!)and look, quite frankly daft, well I would categorise buying a sports car in the same league.... Sorry if that sounds negative but I really do have reservations. On a practical note, my boss drives a top of the range Porche, which I have occasionally been in. Believe you me, its not an elegant sight seeing me trying to haul myself out of the beautiful thing... Also, can you imagine how your back would react having to pour itself into some impossible contortion after one of your rock chick forays.... Sorry, too practical for my own good sometimes.

As for spending your offsprings inheritance, got no problem with that mum and dad divorced years ago and with their new spouses they winter in New Zealand and Hawaii respectively. I have a fab collection of postcards! Much love xxx

Swearing Mother said...

MMOF: You may very well be right, and this is what I was worried about - don't want to be a sad old bird, so may switch to a hot-hatch instead, we'll see. Not the sort with "baked-bean" tin exhausts and a boom-box, obviously.

Best wishes.

merry weather said...

Have you got it yet?

I think you are definitely a babe - no matter how old - it's the mindset.

I hope you get what you want, what makes you go "Yes!" and puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step.... I love reading your blog Jane :)

Swearing Mother said...

Oh Merry, I chickened out! Post to follow re the test drive. But I am going to have a look at a different, slightly more sober one (but not much) today.

What am I like, eh?

Thanks for calling Merry. Will be over to see you soon!

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that wonderful comment.

Ahem, the red sports car. Can I drive it too, sometimes?

Keep smiling


Swearing Mother said...

Hi David,

Thanks for visiting! Lovely to read you.

Best wishes.