Friday, 23 May 2008

Hi Honeys, I'm Home!

Sorry, I should really have left a note saying I was about to bugger off, but time ran away with me and I just didn't get round to it. Decided on the spur of the moment to get the hell out of Dallas (or Birmingham, strictly speaking, but Dallas sounds so much more cool)and go for a swift break for a few days to restore the old batteries, which are now well and truly fizzing. We've been down to Dartmouth for the Music Festival which, although a bit wet weather-wise, was still brilliant. There's nothing like wandering round the streets with an umbrella in one hand and a hot pasty or beer in the other to revive a weary woman's sense of fun. And then the sun came out. Fantastic.

Will be back to blog some more when I've unpacked, opened the mountain of mail and stuffed the washing machine. Hope you've all been good while I've been gone. I'll be checking later.

So, what have you been up to then?


Miriam said...

delighted you got yourself a break,was worried you'd gotten buried under a ton of kitchen brochures. look forward to next post! mimi

GoneBackSouth said...

Nice to see you back! Not been up to much - ya know - the usual shite. You'll have to read my blog to find out how truly uneventful my life is, I spent my Friday evening writing about how nice my kids are when they're asleep. Note to self: Go out more.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

welcome back! i've been wondering where you were.

Nora said...

I'll be fine as long as I know you will really not be fickle and keep your promise and post something quickly.

Jay said...

I've been good! I have! Well, sort of ...

Glad to hear you had a good break, and nice to see you back! :)

Tina said...

And I've been good too. But it's all relative..

Good to see you back

travelling, but not in love said...

Hey SM, I'm pleased you're back.

Have I been good while you've been gone?

I've been good and I've been bad.

And I've been very good at the same time as being very bad... ;-)

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Miriam, nice to read you again. Break was good, back to the kitchen sink now (literally).

GBS - will be over to check up on you ASAP.

Hiya RC, will be catching up on you soon.

Nora: Will do my best, promise.

Jay, hello. Hmm... good, sort of. Now that sounds interesting.

Tina hi. Why does your idea of good sound so naughty? Looking forward to catching up with you.

Travelling, I know that even when you're good, you're bad. And fun.

laurie said...

nothing interesting about dallas!

glad you had a break. glad you're back.

Working mum said...

I'd just found you and you disappeared! Welcome back!

Frog in the Field said...

Not a postcard!
Not a message, or phone call!
You just bugger off willey nilley without a bye or leave!!!

CrazyCath said...

What have I been up to? Well! It's a good job SOME ONE stays at home to keep the world ticking. Washing, cooking, sending kids to school, feeding them (not too much), blogging,blogging and er, blogging.

When's it my turn to bugger off then?

Welcome back. I did miss you. As you will be able to tell from the pile of washing up... ;0)

Pam said...

welcome back! Glad you had fun.
I've been having fun too and haven't hoovered for two weeks. The pet hair has formed balls & is rolling through the house like tumbleweed, but my tan's coming along nicely thankyou very much.

the mother of this lot said...

Well I've certainly been good. I've been in church most of the time. Come and see if you don't believe me.

Winchester whisperer said...

Welcome home SM

Swearing Mother said...

Thanks Laurie, it was great.

Hiya Cath, well thanks for keeping the home fires burning whilst I've been playing hooky. It's a rotten job, but someone had to do it:0)

Pam, hoovering is bad for the back anyway and could spoil your posture for lying on the sun-lounger, so do take care.

TMIL, will be over ASAP to see for myself. Church indeed.

Thanks Winchester Whisperer, good to be back.

Anonymous said...

Ok so tell about the holidays then
Yes Ive been goodish well too good would be boring

Swearing Mother said...

Valleys Mam, you've been goodish? Ha!