Saturday, 17 November 2007

Crazy Eights

The lovely Amy over at Blog To The Bone has tagged me for Crazy Eights, so don't blame me, it's all her fault. Go over to her great blog and give her a bollocking if you're too bored to read any more of my lists. In my own contrary way I am doing some eights, some fours and an occasional five, so here goes:

Eight Things I Am Passionate About:

My husband and children.

My family and friends.

My home.

Justice and fairplay.

I'd like to add: Sex, gin, chocolate and shopping but fear it would look a bit shallow, so I shall stop at four.

Eight Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die:

Make a disgrace of myself at my grandchild's wedding by chatting up the bride's or bridegroom's Dad, whichever one I'm not related to. (I don't have any grandchildren yet, but there's always hope).

Invent an elixir of eternal youth and remember to patent it.

See my kids happy and settled with someone who loves them even half as much as I do.

Do something spectacular, or even bloody damned good.

Find an enjoyable way to earn enough money to have a wicked retirement.

Travel more, and stop making such a fuss about it.

Have more good times, and stop feeling guilty about it.

Discover what I am here for.

Eight Things I Say Often:

Fucking hell.


Wouldn't it be great if...........

Do I look as if I've put on weight?

I'm hungry.

I'm giving up this writing lark.

Hang your bloody coat up.

I am NOT nagging.

Eight books I have read recently or am still reading:

The Bible (now that shocked you, didn't it? Ha!)

The Wedding Officer by Anthony Capella.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger.

The Girls by Lori Lansens

Blue Shoes and Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith

Daddy's Girls by Tasmin Perry

Sharon Osbourne's Autobiography

Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian by Marina Lewycka.

Eight Songs(out of hundreds) I Could Listen To Over and Over:

Anything at all by the Beatles, except Yellow Submarine (sorry Ringo)

Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks

Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer

Grapevine by Marvin Gaye

On The Road Again by Canned Heat

Filthy Gorgeous by The Scissor Sisters

Sweet Soul Music by Arthur Connolly (I think)

Let's Stick Together by Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music

Eight (yes, I know I've only done four) Things That Attract Me to Friends:

Sense of humour.

Capacity for fun.



It helps if they are fatter than me, obviously. (kidding).

Eight (as in four) People Who I Think Should Do Crazy 8's who haven't been tagged already:

1. Norman over at Thole Man.

2. Knifepainter.

3. The Grocer.

4. Travelling But Not In Love.

Now these are all chaps, and I don't want you to think I'm a flirt, but hey, why not?


Tina said...

SM, there weren't nearly as many swear words in your list as I expected, but there were some fascinating things. The Bible eh? I guessed about the gin, clearly.

Am off to do my own 8s in a bit. There might be a bit of swearing too.

Tina said...

Forgot. If I hear you say you're giving up this writing lark, am after you with a machete. Be warned.

Swearing Mother said...

I think I'm going soft on the swearing, but maybe it's because it's been a really weird week.

The writing lark is giving me a little bit of the runaround at the moment, if I could describe myself as a writer I think it would be called writer's block. Or just plain idleness, can't decide which.

travelling, but not in love said...

Thanks for the tag oh dearest Swearing Mother....I think....

I guess it's all over to mine now then?

My 8's will be up soon....

Kaycie said...

Excellent list. I'm not creative enough to say "fucking hell". I always just say "frick" or "feck" or "fuck".

You're very interesting.

laurie said...

i want to read that tractor book! did you like it?

i'd like to say "bloody" but i think it would sound pretentious coming from an american.

i worked with a woman who used it when i was little and i have to admit i used to laugh at her behind her back. but that ws also because she wore a cape, and her husband wore a sherlock holmes hat, and i thought they were as pretentious as hell.

Norman said...

Eight things about me? I hate making lists!!!!!!!!
But for what Its worth, Eight things I've done in my life:
1) Been an apprentice draughtsman
2) Been an Art Student
3) Worked in a steel foundry for 15 years
4) Been a registered nurse for 30 years
5) Got married
6) Fathered four children
7) Retired
8) Now I make art full time.

So there.

Swearing Mother said...

Travelling: Looking forward to your 8's, I am expecting them to be as cool as you are.

Kaycie, hi. I really am trying to cut down on the swearing, my children are going to disown me before long!

Hello Laurie, the Tractor book wasn't one of my all time faves, to be honest, but probably because I wasn't in the right mood at the time. Maybe I'll give it another go some time and read it again, but then maybe not, if you get my drift. It had a lot of rave reviews though, so it's probably just me.

Norman, we can let you off if you don't like doing lists, but at least we know a bit more about you now. Interesting, very interesting. Being one of my top blogging guys, you had to be included!

Amy said...

Cool crazy eights. Don't give up on the writing lark. Larks are fun, and you're too good. And I know you were just reading the book of Solomon in the Bible.

travelling, but not in love said...

Consider me updated...

Anonymous said...

I did mine too and i did put chocolate and sexy shoes lol Funny I didnt do much swearing in the what I say bit,maybe thats cos often I think it and dont bloody say it

Anonymous said...

Just thought we do say Kenfucky Chicken though

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Amy, Thanks so much for tagging me, now see what you've started? Solomon, eh? How did you know that??

Nice one Travelling, or should I say nice eight? Just come back from yours, it's getting crowded over there! When you're a rich and famous best-selling author or screen writer, remember who read you first.

Hi Valleys Mam, am just popping over to your blog to see your Crazy 8's. Chocolate and sexy shoes? Kenfucky chicken!! We are soul sisters indeed.

belle said...

Loved your 8s, far more interesting than mine. Oh and I'm with you on the Tractors book, don't bother with a re-read, life's too short

Swearing Mother said...

Tee-hee Belle, guessed you weren't the Tractor type of gal somehow. More the Devil Wears Prada type?

Ta for visiting, be over to yours soon.

All Shook Up said...

The more you travel, the less fuss you'll need to make about it.. one goes with the other. Start planning your next trip NOW!

Homebird said...

This is a whole new world to me and I can't say when I'll have the time to indulge in this glorious retreat again. I now have a blog name but am at a complete loss as to what to do with it except say how much I've enjoyed reading your blog. You should write a book Swearing Mother, it would fly off the shelves. I could then promote sales in my area and could perhaps afford to be more of a homebird than I am now - what a luxury. I might also have the time to take a train journey and 'do lunch' with a much missed friend...

Swearing Mother said...

Hi ASU, good idea and, on your advice, I am doing exactly that. Fancy doing Crazy 8's, by the way? If so, you're tagged. I am cultivating an entourage of interesting male bloggers so need to know as much as possible about all of you. Is that sexist? Hope so.

Swearing Mother said...

Ah Homebird, how lovely to talk to you. You sound just like my son, who is the only person in my family to know about my secret blogging habit and is always encouraging me to take it further and write a book, bless him. Should I ever manage to do it, I will of course consider using you as my agent. We'll have to negotiate the fee, obviously, but thank you for your kind words.

Very best wishes, and thanks for your visit.

All Shook Up said...

Ah thanks for the offer, SM. But the truth about me would be too shocking to put online, especially for a sensitive flower like you!

Swearing Mother said...

Fair enough ASU, remaining a man of mystery is your choice of course!

Swearing Mother said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
debio said...

Love the list, sm...

Must admit if there's anything that sets up a writing challenge it's these confounded lists; wrote mine and then spent the next few days thinking 'I wish I'd included that.....'

Would add that "The Devil Wears Prada" deserves a swear word or two...

knifepainter said...

Done it hon.

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Debio, thanks for visiting. I've read your list and am SO IMPRESSED, especially about the flying. Fantastic.

Knifepainter, loved your list, knew it would be good and it is. Obviously.

family affairs said...

that "Crazy Eight" thing works better than you think - I like you already...

Thanks for a flurry of comments on my blog...was beginning to think I was alone out there - keep in touch - Lulu x

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Lulu (Family Affairs), it was my pleasure to visit your blog, and such a treat to read all your back posts.

Great stuff, I will be over on a regular basis, so watch out!

Mike said...

enjoyed your list!your comment about "it helps if they're fatter than me" reminds me of a cute prayer i got by email "please God, if you can't make me thinner, at least make my friends fatter"
have you read Julia Cameron's book "The artist's way"- i love it, and the exercises are great for writer's block,even for a non-writer, they're fun mimi not mike

Debra in France said...

Hi SM, what a good idea this was, the meme I mean. I it lovely to know more about you. :-)

Mid-lifer said...

thanks a bunch swearing mother - now I've been tagged - even if it wasn't by you, travelling but not in love is blaming you!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Great list. Don't give up the writing lark, okay?

I said OKAY??

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Mimi not Mike, thanks for the tip, I'm going to have a look for that book on the internet later. Sounds good.

Swearing Mother said...

Hey Debra, have just been over to yours and it appears you have never done Crazy 8's yourself? How about it? Your profile sounds tres tres interesting!! I really think you should........?

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Mid-Lifer, glad you've been tagged by Travelling, such a lovely chap and a great writer too. I've probably annoyed several blogging-blokes by dragging Crazy 8's out of them, but it's been interesting.

Just know yours will be good, and looking forward to it. Thanks for visiting. I am so enjoying your blog.

Swearing Mother said...

Okay, RC, okay. I veer from being absolutely passionate about writing to feeling totally useless on a regular basis. I blame mood swings and lack of sunshine. But will I let it get me down, will I hell!

Thanks for visiting, you are a tonic!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Write, write, write, write, write. keep it up, don't you dare bugger off and leave us bereft of your musings and scribblings dear lady. Steal if you have to, but keep us entertained with your own spin in it!

Swearing Mother said...

MOB: Ah, now spin is what I am good at, or making a little go a long way. Story of my life really. Should have been in government!