Monday, 9 July 2007

Gym'll fix it.

Forgive me Fitness First, for I have sinned. It's been nine long weeks since my last gym session. There's no real excuse - I haven't lost my gym kit, I don't have my period (ever) and, sadly, I can't bring in a note from my mother asking if I can be excused because I have a verucca. No, it's down to me and my total lazyness.

In my defence, the weather has been totally rubbish and I am sick and tired of getting wet and smelling slightly of mould, but even under these circs it seems vaguely ridiculous driving down to the gym to spend an hour walking on the treadmill and then driving the mile back home again. I blame global warming and patio heaters.

Reassuringly though, muscles do apparently have a "memory" and I'm hoping mine are eventually going to recall all the work I put in last year in an attempt to get into (if I say so myself) a rather fantastic mother-of-the -bride outfit which is now hanging in my wardrobe laughing at me. We shall see. It appears that the default setting for my figure is permanently set at "sack of potatoes" rather than "gym toned" - maybe if the sun shone, ever, it would give me the impetus to get off my fat lard-arse and do something about it.

In the meantime I'm wondering about a bacon sandwich, if I omit the butter and slice the bread really, really thin? Any maybe lose the bacon? What do you think?


aminah said...
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aminah said...

i am sooo sick of lying in bed at night regretting all the fatty stuff I have eaten that day.....................soooooooooo depressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aminah said...

oops I pressed button twice. sorry. Not to harass you but can I link you to my blog?

Swearing Mother said...

Of course you can Aminah, that would be great.

Best wishes.