Monday, 16 July 2007

Ma, get outta my facebook!

One is feeling a little low today - I don't know why. Maybe it's because we've just come back from holiday, first day back at work and all that. Let's just say I've got the blues and even chocolate hasn't helped.

On the way home from darn sarf we called in to see our son who, at the age of twenty-one, buggered off "to be independent" and live in Devon. I think he just couldn't stand my cooking really, which is understandable. He's just finished at university now, doing fine, but I still haven't got over the fact that he's living two hundred miles away from me so I don't have access to him as often as I would like. I suppose I always thought he'd come back to live at home one day. I try not to stalk him but it's really hard when he doesn't answer his phone, never rings up unless he's broke and doesn't come home unless we throw a sack over his head and kidnap him. With chloroform.

So it's not my fault if I've found a way of seeing what he's up to whenever I want. I've discovered Facebook. I sneakily get in (don't ask how) and have a look at his photos. He has about two thousand friends. And guess what else I've discovered? He smokes. He gets incredibly drunk. He has a lot of women hanging around his neck a lot of the time. He occasionally dresses up in women's clothes and wears makeup. He dances on tables. He chases sheep across fields, and many many other activities too dodgy to mention. He doesn't do much studying. But the thing I've discovered which shook me most of all?

The reason why he doesn't want to live at home ever again. It's called freedom.

Bloody hell, we might as well rent out his bedroom.


Kelly said...

His freedom is also your freedom Swearing Mother....make the most of it before he lays the grandchildren on you!

Thanks for visiting m'blog. Hope to see you again soon.

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Kelly,

I will indeed make the most of it, although my granny hormones sure do kick in sometimes.

Your blog is great, will be back to see you soon. Thanks for visiting.

Poetess said...


I have got all what you say to face. My son, results depending, goes to uni in sept. I must find out how to get on his My space. I may find out things I would rather not know but
what else is one supposed to do.

Perhaps I should do it now as they give so little away.

Stone and blood come to mind.


Swearing Mother said...

Best of luck to you Poetess! One thing I would recommend is Sainsbury's To You - at least you will know that he's eating something decent if you are sending it to him, rather than spending the money on beer!

beachfreak said...

Glad I've dropped by, nice to have found you near the start of what is obviously going to be a wonderful blogging career.

Keep you going, looking forward to more..........

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Beachfreak,

Thanks for visiting! Five miles from the beach, you lucky person! Here in the Midlands we're just about as far away from the sea as you can get, unfortunately, but we still get seagulls!

Best wishes.