Thursday, 20 December 2007

Home, Sweet Smelling Home.

For some obscure reason, I am driven to spring-clean the house from top to bottom in readiness for Christmas and my son's return from university, where he lives in studenty squalor and frankly wouldn't notice or care if I didn't bother to clean here for the next two years. But that's not the point, although I'm not quite sure what the actual point is. I just have to do it. In the same way I have to stack the pantry and fridge to maximum capacity in an effort to make up for all the times he's existed on baked beans, getting the house clean and welcoming for him just seems the most important thing to do right now. I guess it's a nurturing thing, and I don't get to do it often enough these days.

My husband thinks I'm slightly mad to go to these lengths, because in about three hours' time the hall will be full of son's manky washing, kicked-off boots the size of boats, coats over the bannister, keys, small change and general rubbish scattered to the four corners, lost until it's time for him to go back and we clear it all up again. His bedroom will once again become a no-go zone and we'll run out of lager.

Although underneath the chaos the house will be clean, with help from the rest of the family over the Christmas holidays it's going to degenerate into a total, shambolic mess.

Bring it on.

I can't wait. I just want him home.


debio said...

Oh yes, you just want him home - and quite right too. And, if I'm not much mistaken, he won't notice if the house is spick-and-span but he will notice if it isn't!

He wants home just the way it's always been.

Good for you! I so hope you have a great time during your son's holidays.

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Debio, I am SO excited, can't wait to see him.

laurie said...

ah, i understand. and i'm so glad he's coming home! it's great having mess and chaos at christmas.

Kaycie said...

I'm looking forward to the kids leaving for college. I guess that just tells you I only have one that's anywhere close to leaving.

I hope you get to enjoy lots of time with your boy over the holidays.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I would be pacing the floor waiting for him to walk in the door. You can clean the house again when he leaves.

Have fun!

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Laurie, it wouldn't be Christmas without tons of mess, and we can certainly provide that!

Kaycie, once they're gone you miss them like heck, believe me!

RC: That's just what I did, a bit of pacing and a bit of staring anxiously out of the window. You know the sort of thing!

beachfreak said...

It's about 10 years since I behaved like your son, but it's close enough to recall fairly vividly.

If I remember rightly, it wasn't until years later I realised how grateful I was to my mum.

I'm sure you rock as much as my mum did/still does.

Self employed mum said...

So exited for you having your boy home for christmas. At least underneath the mess you'll know it's clean.

Why do we do it at christmas, I go mad on Christmas eve changing beds, taking down clothes dryers and hiding ironing, only to bring it out again on boxing day. This year I decided I wasn't harassing myself and went mad and changed the beds yesterday.


Swearing Mother said...

HI Beachfreak, I too didn't realise how much my Mum did for me until I did stuff for my own kids, then it occured to me what a hero she was.

SEM: I only just stopped myself taking down the curtains to wash, as if I'm not busy enough already. What are we like?

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hey lovely lady - I now have a mental image of you flying around the house with the Scissor Sisters pounding out and the smell of something suitably Nigella wafting around. WOW! I am the most un-house-proud female I know but even I like to have a tidy house at Christmas.

As for the son returning home, can imagine your delight - I have anticipated empty-nest syndrome already and the daughter is only 2!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Have a great messy Christmas. The tidying up can wait - your heart won't.

Best wishes,
Crystal xx

Tina said...

Hope he's home safe, & you're all having a fab time. Merry Christmas SM!

merry weather said...

Happy Christmas Jane - Hope you have a good time, I cannot imagine cleaning house to welcome son! But I can see I'll get there one day... Shows how much you care :)

laurie said...

merry christmas, jane!

Swearing Mother said...

MMOF, HI! Having a great time, house already covered in a layer of sh*te and I couldn't be happier! Have a great time, love to you and yours.

Hello Crystal, you are quite right of course. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Hiya Tina, oh yes, he's here all right! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, will be over to check up on you shortly!

Hello Merry, have a wonderful Christmas, lovely to read you again.

Happy Christmas Laurie, love to you, Doug and dogs!! Have a lovely time.

Richard Madeley said...

Merry Christmas, SM. And all the best for the New Year.

Swearing Mother said...

And all the best to you and yours Richard, have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year.